Finding a Diamond in your Backyard

Rh rooftop restaurant



As my birthday approached, #Virgoseason, I scoured the interweb for a restaurant that would be both appealing in taste and decor. It is a mother-daughter tradition to fine-dine at a “schmancy fancy” restaurant (yeah we boug-ghetto, 😅😂). I stumbled upon RH Rooftop Restaurant through a search of rooftop restaurants on Google Maps, rated 4.6 stars out of 5. After looking at the website, my mother thought it was a hotel. When in actuality, Restoration Hardware is a store that sells beautiful furniture, great for room decor inspiration.

The restaurant was equally yoked in decor and food, both beautifully presented! It’s located on the top floor with a beautiful patio overlooking Palm Beach City Center. When you first walk in, note the black and white, gorgeous decor, along with an ornate waterfall in the center underneath a glass roof, ensuring a breath-taking view of the sky. I ordered the roasted chicken and it was absolutely delicious. The service was impeccable, they tended to every need in a timely manner.


The waiter was kind enough to take not one but multiple pictures of us. This location was especially beautiful for a social media influencer. I bought my entire outfit from “Cotton” except for my shoes and jewelry. It was coincidental but fortuitous that my “fit” matched the color scheme of the restaurant and several of the rooms. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it. Eventually, I would like to revisit the restaurant at night to see how it looks all lit up at night. 


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