The Year of Selfishness


2019 has seemed to be brandished as the year of “Self” for us millennials. All over social media, there are posts of self-care, self-love, choosing self first, etc. Everyone is invested in keeping their energy peaceful and void of negativity. It leads me to wonder… WHAT THE HELL DID WE HAVE GOING ON THAT EVERYONE FEELS THE NEED TO BE SO ME ME ME? I’m glad everyone has found this space of self-awareness, etc. However, what got us to this point? The point where we have to make a conscious decision to say yes less and no more; that anything that moves our spirit in a funny way just has to go! A common saying now is “my spirit did not take to that individual or their energy”.


Our generation has endured multiple stressors internal and external. Whether it be personally inflicted or from friend(s), spouse(s)/partner(s) and family. Not to mention the added bonus of school loans and the inability to pay them because of the current state of the job market for graduates. Now, of course, this varies from person to person but I’m just speaking in generals. Millennials’ are in overload, drowning in emotional and financial instability. It has pushed our generation to an extreme but what happens now? If not balanced, this can cause less community and more individual endeavors. How can we connect if someone is so invested in protecting their energy that one wrong move ends a friendship? Or when one is so far removed from society? I can speak for myself, I truly don’t have many friends and I like it that way. But to what detriment? Everyone loves to say keep your circle small but how do you create connections when your circle is so tight? How do you broaden your horizons if you're constantly being exposed to the same perspectives or opinions all the time? I’m not saying to allow anyone in your inner circle and risk a disruption in your energy, but I will say it's okay to have a conversation. You never know what teachable moment you can gather from that situation even if there’s a negative vibe.


There is a movement of mindfulness occurring, within this I would suggest keeping a space open for new people. Sometimes with that comes new opportunities and/ life lessons. I feel as though my generation desires to banish negativity all together. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. You need a balance ☯ of both positive and negative experiences to challenge your growth as an individual. As humans we need both masculine and feminine energy; the yin to my yang. I think we are so concerned with making sure we don’t endure or repeat certain hardships it leads to close-mindedness. For example, “oh nah that ain’t for me. I’m not vibing that.” We can’t have a “yes” life that just doesn’t exist if you catch my drift. Let’s look at from another perspective; we are so invested in protecting our sanity you wouldn’t even notice your enemy sitting right beside you (in whatever form that might be). You think you're taking all the necessary precautions but, still you end up blindsided. What is meant to be will be regardless. So, maybe you meet someone tomorrow and something seems off. Instead of writing them off immediately, why not have a conversation? Maybe just maybe what’s disturbing your spirit is something you envy or lack 🤷. Don’t lose touch with reality stay balanced. That’s all folks, just wanted to spark a conversation and maybe inspire more collaborations, community vibes and openness.

Ashanti JanaeComment