How to Layer & Travel Light

& still look cute for the winter


Missguided: Teddy High Neck Cropped Sweater

Hollister Mom Jeans

Guess Boots

I am currently on a tour that involves traveling to states where snow is no stranger. Here are some tips and tricks on how I’ve been able to stay warm, comfy, and cute. All the while avoiding 🚫 bulk!

  1. Layer! Layer! Layer!

    I wear two layers on the bottom and then three layers on the top. I wear a pair of fleece leggings underneath every pair of jeans, sweatpants or dress. I love these leggings in particular because they are super warm, stretchy and soft. However, I would advise to get an extra pair that is not high-waisted. If you want to avoid layering all together, invest in these fleeced line jeggings (pictured below). They keep you extra warm and are extremely stylish.

    As for layering my tops, I wear a tank, then a long john/ long sleeve shirt, and last but not least a sweater. The first two layers are quite thin, my third layer is the bulkiest/heaviest. If your looking to wear one layer on top I suggest teddy bear sweaters made out of 100% polyester. These particular sweater do keep you very warm so I suggest wearing a light jacket or none at all depending on the weather.

    This super cute set has been amazing for travel days. Its super light, soft and comfy. Click on the link to check it out.

  2. Stay away from acrylic made items!!!! Polyester is the best material when looking for winter clothing; it keeps you warm and is non-absorbent. Cotton is another great winter material but is not as non-absorbent.

  3. THICK SOCKS!!! These socks from target are super comfy but also warm so be sure to make sure you either loosen up your shoes and get a size bigger because they are also quite thick. These have been a major staple on this trip.

  4. Now that your set with clothes I’m sure you have some bulky sweaters; well I have a way to resolve that issue. Here is how I pack light, two words: PACKING CUBES!!! I am still trying to figure out how I have traveled without these, they are in my opinion so much better then the shrink/vacuum bags. They are able to compress your clothes, fit multiple outfits all the while maximizing the space available in your suitcase. Packing cubes are a must have! It makes packing and unpacking a breeze! My favorite is that I can pair my outfits together and as a visual individual this is a major added bonus for me. Lastly, another key note for packing light is to make sure that you can create different outfits utilizing the same pieces of clothing. A lot of my wardrobe is neutral colors that I can mix and match with all my jeans etc. I try to make sure that I can create at least two different outfits with one shirt and at least three different outfits with my bottoms. This avoids you carrying extra clothing to create a different outfit everyday; just carry you staple pieces and style them differently so it looks like a completely new and fresh outfit. I call it the “switch up.” 😅🙌

  5. My coat is from Hollister during the winter sale; 95% polyester lined with fur. Unfortunately, I believe it is sold out 😩🤦‍♀️.


If you are seeking boots for the snow that are stylish these are what I suggest. I don’t like galoshes or snow boots. However, I also don’t like getting my feet soaked so this boot fits my needs perfectly. Stylish with a wedge which gives me enough height to tread through snow with no worries. I will say that are a bit heavy so I wouldn’t suggest wearing them if your planning do activities that require multiple flight of stairs or long periods of walking. On the other hand, its a really good work out. 😅


Definitely keeps you warm and is quite water resistant. Available in different colors.


Love these gloves however, if venturing out into sub below temperatures I would suggest something more durable. The touch-screen capability is on par.


Hope you enjoyed my fashion tips lovelies! This is how I layer and travel light during the winter. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please be sure to comment, share, subscribe and follow me on all social media. Till next time 😘 .