hi lovelies, my name is ashanti.

My passion for dance was born at a very early age. I have slivers of memories of me standing in front of the television in attempts to imitate the R&B artist, Aaliyah, dancing in her music videos. At the mere age of two years old, I was already a show stopper, literally! I would stop in the middle of the street the moment I heard my favorite song, “Murder She Wrote.”

My journey with dance continued when my mom put me into African dance class at 5 years old. A perfect fit for a young passionate, vivacious child such as myself. Later on, I expanded my versatility and dance repertoire by including the genres of ballet, hip-hop, dancehall and modern. Twenty-two years later all these dance styles encompass the dynamics of who I am as a dancer today.

My passion for travel however came later on in life as I matured. My travel addiction was born in Italy, my first trip overseas, at 23. This blog will take you on a journey with me as I marry dance and traveling while experiencing and connecting to different cultures through this medium. Hope you enjoy the ride! For a more visual presentation of my journey, follow my Instagram @dancetravels.